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Pro-Hosted Basketball Camps

Pro-Hosted Basketball Camps

Published on: Apr 09, 2019

If your child has always dreamed of meeting their favorite basketball player, sending them to a pro-hosted basketball camp could be the ultimate dream come true. 

What is a pro-hosted camp? 

A pro-hosted camp is a camp run by a professional athlete—often in their hometown.

A lot of professionals host camps to give back to their communities and inspire young athletes. For many kids, these camps are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn from and connect with their biggest role models.

Considering sending your kid to a camp hosted by a pro? Here’s what you need to know.


Meeting the athlete. It’s not every day you can talk to and train with a professional basketball player. Often, just having the opportunity to meet a major role model is enough to make a pro-hosted camp worth it. Typically, each camper will receive an autograph and photo with the pro—a dream come true for many. 

Building out fundamentals. Most camps hosted by professionals are targeted toward athletes looking to get started and get better, meaning the drills and skills taught will focus on foundational skill development as opposed to individualized training. This is great for new athletes or athletes looking to dive a little further into the sport.

Focus on fun. Pro-hosted camps are an absolute blast to attend. Though campers learn a lot, the focus really is on creating a fun environment where kids can be inspired and grow in a structured, exciting space. 

Guest appearances. As if one professional basketball player wasn’t enough, sometimes teammates and other athletes will make an appearance for some or all of the camp. 


Less competition. Pro-hosted camps often offer lower-level competition than other camps, like prospect/ID caps. Depending on the purpose of attendance, this may be a con.

Less individualized. Like previously mentioned, pro-hosted camps don’t offer the same individualized training other camps do. If the goal is to zero in on a specific skill, these camps may not be the right choice.

If your little athlete would love to meet their big role model, we can make it happen. We’ve partnered with some incredible athletes to make dreams come true for hundreds of campers. Ready to add your kid to that list? Here’s how:

  • Create your free Ryzer account today 
  • Fill in a few nuggets of info 
  • Choose a camp and register in minutes 
  • Prepare for the biggest “thank you” hug ever


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